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  • Bonnie Ruder

International Women's Day Spotlight

In honor of International Women’s Day, we celebrate the contributions of Alice Emasu and Dr. Tino Okedi — two women leaders who champion the needs of the most vulnerable women in Uganda, ensuring that even the most impoverished and oppressed women and girls have access to the healthcare they need.

As Medical Director and resident doctor at Terrewode Women’s Community Hospital, Dr. Tino leads by example, dedicating long hours of nurturing care to her patients and building a supportive, close-knit team with her staff. Dr. Tino is committed to ensuring that vulnerable mothers lead full and healthy lives, both physically and emotionally, after their treatment at Terrewode Hospital.

Alice Emasu, co-founder and Executive Director of Terrewode, has dedicated her life’s work to empowering women and girls and making high-quality, equitable health care a reality in Uganda. Whether she’s making the case to Uganda’s parliament for improved maternal health services or speaking with women struggling with fistula, Alice’s commitment to gender equality is always evident.


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