Terrewode Women's Fund

With your help TERREWODE opened the first dedicated fistula hospital in Uganda.

It can provide life-changing surgery to 600 women per year.

We have changed our name to Terrewode Women's Fund, continuing our core purpose of

treating fistula and restoring lives in Uganda. 

As Uganda's first community hospital for fistula patients and maternal health it will replicate the Hamlin quality of fistula care. 

Photo above by Lynne Dobson, Board of Directors, Terrewode Women's Fund 

"It's a condition practically unheard of in the United States and most Western countries. But in a culture where a woman's status and dignity is decided by her ability to provide a husband with multiple children, it can be a fate worse than death.

'Obstetric fistula' is a mouthful. But to these women, it's much more than just a physical injury. They see themselves as the walking dead..."

 - Morgan Winsor, CNN (see article)


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​Since 1999, TERREWODE has offered support to women in the Teso Region of Uganda. TERREWODE is a registered Ugandan nonprofit, founded, directed and staffed by Ugandan health professionals. TERREWODE has signed a partnership agreement with the International Fistula Alliance (IFA) to develop a women's hospital in Soroti, Uganda to serve

obstetric fistula patients who desperately need care. 


The Terrewode Women's Fund (previously known as the Uganda Fistula Fund) supports vital surgeries and health services that can change the lives of thousands of women in Uganda each year.  Working with TERREWODE, we promote holistic care and training for women suffering from obstetric fistula by financially supporting construction and annual operating expenses of the dedicated women’s fistula hospital and rehabilitation center.

We welcome your support of the women TERREWODE serves. Services bring free, quality and unique holistic health care to Ugandan women and Sudanese refugee women in the region. Financial support is needed to provide surgeries and services. Your advocacy, telling others about the hospital and what it is doing to help women with fistula, is vitally needed. 


Contributions from individuals have provided funding to construct  the  fistula hospital in Soroti Uganda which opened August 16, 2019. Until now, adequate health services have not been able to meet the regions needs.  A dedicated hospital will provide surgical treatment to 600 women each year in a clean and nurturing environment, along with rehabilitation, reintegration and prevention services and programs. 


The hospital gives women needed health care prior to surgery, building their health to promote healing after surgery. They will be able to stay at the hospital after surgery, long enough to fully heal. Many women have been living on the fringe of communities, ostracized because they were incontinent and smelled. They will receive counseling and skill training to prepare them to return to the community and be self supporting.

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