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Treating obstetric fistula.
Restoring health and hope.

Terrewode Women's Community Hospital opened in 2019, financed with support from Terrewode Women's Fund and partner organizations that share our commitment to  life-changing, patient-centered care for women suffering from obstetric fistula and related childbirth injuries.

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It's more than a hospital.

It's a community of healing and hope.

More than just a hospital, it's a place of healing and hope.

More than just a hospital, it's a place of healing and hope.

Uganda has one of the world's highest rates of obstetric fistula.


“We are proud to be offering this specialized care for our women close to home and by doctors and social workers from within the Ugandan community.”

Alice Emasu Seruyange

Executive Director

Terrewode Women's Community Hospital

Surgery is the first step. 
True healing requires so much more.

Terrewode Women's Fund started out as a capital campaign for a hospital dedicated to giving more women access to high-quality, holistic fistula care, including:


  • Expert surgical treatment, physical therapy, counseling, and  reintegration support services.

  • Education about safe motherhood and contraception.

  • Skills training for economic self-empowerment.

Ultimately, our vision is a future where women have unfettered access to the highest quality of preventive maternal health care.

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There are many ways to get involved and support Terrewode Women's Fund.

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