We are dedicated to restoring the health and dignity of women  with obstetric fistula in Uganda, and to eradicating fistula through supporting improved access to safe childbirth.

Terrewode Women's Fund seeks to build a community of concerned people who will invest in the work to put an end to this grave childbirth injury that is both preventable and treatable, yet continues to devastate the lives of girls and women in Uganda and around the world.  

Through a long-term partnership with TERREWODE, based in Soroti, Uganda, we support community-based outreach to find hard-to-reach women, surgical repair services, and reintegration programs that allow women who have suffered with fistula to heal both physically and emotionally, develop income-generation skills, and successfully reintegrate into family and community life.  

We invest in the work to prevent fistula altogether through supporting TERREWODE’s community-based activities around safe childbirth education and advocacy, and their plan to build capacity at the new Terrewode Women’s Community Hospital to provide high-quality maternal health care.

To help end obstetric fistula in Uganda through a long-term partnership with TERREWODE in support of holistic treatment services and improved access to safe childbirth.


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All women and girls in Uganda who are suffering with obstetric fistula will be able to receive holistic treatment to restore their physical and emotional health, and successfully resume productive lives. Obstetric fistula and other devastating childbirth injuries will be eradicated through improved access to high-quality reproductive health services, including safe deliveries.  

"Fistula is fully preventable when all women and girls have access to high-quality, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services... Let us join forces to eliminate this global injustice."    

—United Nations Secretary Ban Ki-moon

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