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Sponsor a Surgery

A gift of $1,200 covers the full cost of life-changing, holistic fistula care for one woman or girl in Uganda, including pre- and post-operative care, physical therapy, mental health counseling, safe motherhood education, vocational training, and other forms of reintegration support.

What does holistic fistula treatment include?

Transportation to/from hospital

Physical therapy

Pre-operative care

World-class surgery

Post-surgical rehabilitation

Individual & group counseling


Terrewode's renowned Reintegration Program

Terrewode Women's Community Hospital's Reintegration Program fosters long-term healing and economic self-empowerment.


Education about safe motherhood and family planning

empowers women and improves the health of entire communities.

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Training on legal & economic rights

builds confidence and encourages self- advocacy.


Microfinance,  entrepreneurship & income-generating skills

give women a central role in their family's financial stability.


Fistula Solidarity Groups

remind survivors they can find strength and support in community with one another.

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