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Knit a Blanket

Give a fistula survivor the gift of comfort

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Help us provide each patient with a hand-knit blanket that she’ll take home with her after surgery. All colors are welcome. Blankets can be delivered or mailed to:

2293 Alder St.
Eugene OR 97405


Please also consider donating $25 to offset shipping costs.

For more information,  email

Knitting Instructions


The size of the blanket should be approximately 48 x 60 inches. This is approximate, could be 52 x 60 inches or 48 x 70 inches.  This can be knit or crocheted in one piece or done in blocks.


Either DK or Worsted weight can be used.  For knitters, if you are using DK weight, you will need approximately 1200 yards.  For Worsted weight, 700 yards should be sufficient.  Please note that both amounts depend on your gauge.  For crocheters, increase these amounts by one-third.    



The women will be washing their wraps by hand in buckets or streams, so the type of yarn should be able to withstand this.  A sturdy wool or acrylic blend is suggested.  Avoid delicate yarns or those that are easily felted.  The final fabric should be neither too loose nor lacy nor too tight and dense.  Using a gauge appropriate to the yarn should give you the right finish.



The choice is up to you but keep in mind the living conditions in Uganda.  The women will be leaving the hospital with their wraps, so cheerful, uplifting colors would be welcomed.



We recommend knitting this wrap using a garter stitch.  If you plan to do something else, be sure that the edges of the wrap do not roll.  The same applies to those who crochet their piece.

Crocheted, quilted, or flannel blankets are all welcome! 

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