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Protecting the Most Vulnerable in Uganda - Providing Ambulance Services to Women in Need

There are now 54 reported COVID-19 cases in Uganda. The country is under strict lockdown orders in an effort to halt the spread. All public and private transportation in Uganda has been banned since mid-March. The Terrewode Women’s Community Hospital temporarily closed on March 23rd and will reopen when the government lockdown is lifted.

While lockdown efforts are designed to prevent widespread transmission and mortality, they also disproportionally affect women, girls, and marginalized communities. Already there has been an increase in domestic violence and restricted access to reproductive healthcare in Uganda.

Alice Emasu and the TERREWODE team are committed to continuing to support marginalized women and girls and are rapidly responding to the situation.

TERREWODE’s Response:

  • PROVIDING EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE: Women in labor are dying because there is no transportation to regional hospitals. The situation is so urgent that the Ugandan government has requested TERREWODE's assistance to use their ambulance and Terrewode staff to transport women in labor to the nearest regional hospital. This essential 24/7 ambulance service will help prevent childbirth injuries and maternal mortality in Uganda until this emergency passes. Terrewode Women’s Fund is currently directing our fundraising efforts to meet this unexpected need.

  • PHONE COUNSELING FOR FISTULA SURVIVORS EXPERIENCING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: There has been a daily increase in the number of domestic violence cases among fistula survivors. Alice and the TERREWODE team are counseling former patients via phone and providing small mobile cash transfers for at-risk women.

  • FOLLOW-UP CARE FOR FISTULA PATIENTS VIA PHONE: Excellent patient care continues to be a top priority. Dr. Josephine Namugenyi is regularly calling fistula patients for follow-up care and providing on-going support.

  • COVID AWARENESS FOR RURAL COMMUNITIES: TERREWODE created a COVID fact-sheet for rural communities and translated the message into five local languages. TERREWODE is working with local radio stations to get the message out to those most in need of information.

I am in close contact with Alice and her team, and I will continue to share updates on the situation in Uganda and TERREWODE’s response. With your help, we will support TERREWODE through this crisis.

Please donate today to help Alice and the trusted Terrewode team provide emergency ambulance assistance to women in their community.

In solidarity,

Bonnie Ruder

Executive Director, Terrewode Women's Fund


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