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You make holistic healing possible

These are deeply unsettling times for everyone who values human rights and the well-being of all people. And yet as we head into the final weeks of 2023, it’s important to shine a bright light on what is good in the world.

As a friend of Terrewode Women’s Fund, you are part of a community that is standing up and caring for some of the most vulnerable women and girls in the world. Obstetric fistula shatters lives, leaving mothers desperately humiliated, isolated, and powerless. Our community is reaching across the world with kindness, compassion, and an abiding commitment to restoring dignity and hope for these women and girls. We are showing them that their lives matter.

A fistula survivor smiles as her baby boy stands on the end of her recovery bed at Terrewode Women's Community Hospital in Soroti, Uganda.
Ruth (pictured here with her baby boy, Moses) is one of more than 1,000 women and girls who have received specialized, holistic fistula care at Terrewode Women's Community Hospital since it opened in 2019.

Ruth was just 17 when she gave birth at a rural health facility and experienced severe complications that left her incontinent. Moses was lucky to survive the difficult delivery. Ruth's healing journey began with expert fistula surgery at Terrewode Women's Community Hospital.

Then came mental health counseling, physical therapy, and training on legal and economic rights. Ruth got social support through a Fistula Solidarity Group, then vocational training. Now, Ruth is on her way to starting her own tailoring business.

This is what holistic fistula care is all about: physical and emotional healing, hope, and self-empowerment.

Extraordinary people like you make this kind of transformative care possible — care that allows survivors to return to their communities whole again, able to build a better life.

None of us can solve all the world's problems. But every single one of us can make the world a better place through kindness and generosity. Every single one of us can make a profound difference in the life of a fistula survivor like Ruth.

Year-end Matching Gift Challenge

During the final few weeks of 2023, every gift to Terrewode Women's Fund will be matched — up dollar for dollar up to $50,000 — thanks to a generous, anonymous donor.

Please give what you can today!

No matter how much you give, you will help women and girls like Ruth build a better future — for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.



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