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A New Hospital = Our New Name: Terrewode Women's Fund

Thanks to the generosity of supporters to the Uganda Fistula Fund, we are celebrating completion of construction of the first dedicated fistula hospital in Uganda. With this achievement, the UFFT board has voted to change our name to reflect the transition and align with our new priority of sustaining the Terrewode Women's Community Hospital. We are proud and grateful to announce our name Terrewode Women's Fund, continuing our core purpose of treating fistula and restoring lives in Uganda. 

Main buildings of TERREWODE Commmunity Women's Hospital, Soroti Uganda. Photo by Simon Naulele

The hospital opening ceremony is August 16, 2019, with dignitaries from around the world celebrating the mission of improving women's health in the region and in Uganda. Three members of our board of directors will be attending (Bonnie Ruder, executive director, Lynne Dobson, and Connie DiMarco) and sending us photos of the ceremony and other attendees.

The hospital will provide approximately 600 fistula repair surgeries a year, as well as offer women rehabilitation and other services.

Watch this site for new photos as we receive them from Uganda.


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