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Photos from 1st week hospital opens!

Over 500 members of the Uganda community, members of Parliament, the Uganda Cabinet, and international organizations attended the Opening Ceremony on August 16. (Photo below) Uganda Minister of Health Sarah Opendi, Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kagada, and TERREWODE Executive Director Alice Emasu as they arrive for Opening Ceremonies.

Photos by Lynne Dobson, Board of Directors, Terrewode Women's Fund, who attended the Grand Opening along with Executive Director Bonnie Ruder and board member Dr. Connie DiMarco.

First women to receive surgeries at the hospital

The photo from the Independent includes Dr. Josephine Namugenyi, Medical Director of the hospital (shown in white coat). Patients are cared for by an all women team, from the medical director, nurses, administration, and executives (one exception is the pharmacist, a valued man on the team). The professional Uganda staff of women brings special comfort to patients.

Hospital gowns are sewn by former fistula patients trained by Terrewode in tailoring.

Nurses station

Hospital kitchen

Immaculate, a fistula survivor and member of TERREWODE, makes dresses and items for sale at the hospital.

And speaking of love, this is what it is all about. What we all work hard for: bringing women back to their family, whole and healthy.


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