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Terrewode Women's Community Hospital Construction Update

I'm excited to share a hospital construction update that I've just received from Martin Andrews, Project Manager in Uganda. Martin reports that progress is quickly being made on the hospital's three buildings. Along with the construction, Alice Emasu, Executive Director of TERREWODE, is developing the medical team and staff which will support the women before, during, and after surgery. The holistic approach prepares their health and emotional state as they anticipate the enormous change the surgical repair brings to their lives.

Site Status

The hospital shape and structure continues to be revealed as work continues upward. Our foundation is now being completed, and the shell of the administration and the reintegration/rehabilitation buildings is approximately 90% done. By the first of July, roofing will begin.  Construction of the clinical floor will soon begin.  

As progress continues, the estimate for the hospital opening remains the end of 2019, with the caveat that this could be revised as much as 2 months in either direction.

Electrical and Water Network

The three hospital buildings will entail approximately 50,000 square feet. The hospital will have access to municipal water and electricity, but we know that eventually we will need auxiliary support for them. At this time, Martin Andrews and his team are researching options for water, and looking into solar energy for electricity. Based upon their evaluation, plans will be prepared for increased electrical input and water consumption.

As the hospital is near the Equator, there is great sunlight year around, which makes solar energy an excellent choice for future needs. The increased network will be included after an extensive plan is completed and funding is obtained.


The groundbreaking celebration in March confirms that the hospital is universally received with great excitement.  Participation in the project by fistula survivors, community leaders, regional health care professionals and national elected officials highlight the importance of the hospital to women's health in Uganda. As a model of quality health care for women in Eastern Africa, it is building a base from the grassroots up, using local resources to invest in local people. Global support has brought the hospital this far. Upon completion it will help train persons in country to meet the highest standards of care.

We have now raised over 90% of the funds needed to complete the building of the hospital through generous donations from the Uganda Fistula Fund for TERREWODE board of directors, individual supporters, and a $1 million gift from the International Fistula Alliance.   We are grateful for this support, and very proud of the faith each and every one has shown in it's success.

Please contact UFFT at, for more information, or if you know of someone who is interested in supporting our work.  

Terrewode Women's Community Hospital

The main surgical building will have space for 30 beds, and at full capacity we will be able to provide up to 600 surgeries a year. It is exciting to know that we will be able to provide these necessary services within the next two years!


The photos below show the ground floor slab for the kitchen/canteen being poured. The block work walls will start by the end of June. The second photo, the one with pillars in the front, is the administration building, whose roof will be added starting in early July. The other building is the reintegration center, which will soon be ready for roofing.


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