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Construction goal is met! Now, a look to the future

As construction on hospital buildings continues, we see photos of nearly completed building exteriors, and the bare red earth before any landscaping. Funds raised are enough to finish painting and tiling, but there is so much left to be done to make it a viable hospital.

Soon beds need to be ordered, furnishings, linens and more - making the hospital comfortable for women who come for quality, compassionate care. Continued financial support is needed for the medical center to sustain care to women.

TERREWODE staff join Alice in visiting the hospital construction site. The large building with the second story is the medical/surgical building.

We say that the hospital replicates the Hamlin quality of care. The Hamlin Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has been the "gold standard" of fistula hospitals for over 50 years. It's support of the TERREWODE Women's Hospital reflects the trust that is placed in this hospital being able to excel at quality health care for women in Uganda and the region.

Enjoy these photos and description of progress that was reported by TERREWODE, and by John Agaba, UFFT board member who was there in January. Everything is moving along very fast, with opening planned by fall of 2019. We will try to keep you up to date.

Alice at hospital site. Current construction covers 4 of the 6 acres. Two acres are available for kitchen gardens for patient food, and future expansion.

Eng. Ronald Mugabi, a construction supervisor with our contractor, Gabikan Engineering Ltd, says, "At present, the works have progressed to 88% of completion. We have doubled our effort by working both day and night. Though the site hasn't electricity at this time, we are using generators to provide lighting for night construction."

Moses Kinobe, an architect and project consultant with Kinobe and Partners explains that the final phases to the construction project will be plumbing and installation of electricity at the site. "Piped water is already at the site and it's only plumbing that's remaining. The electricity transformer is also at the site. We are only waiting for the team from Umeme to do the installation of power. This is scheduled to be concluded before February 15," Kinobe says.


Photo above: From (R) to (L) are: District Health Officer Dr. Okadhi Charles, Resident District Commissioner Hon. Tukei William, District Speaker Hon. Owiny Bob, and the District Chairperson Hon Egunyu George Michael, touring the site.

Following the tour, officials discussed sustaining the hospital. One suggestion was "Government can make a small contribution to top up on the finances of the hospital to help run its activities. Under the General Public Private Partnership TERRREWODE can work closely with the local referral hospital."

"This is the only specialized hospital in Uganda and East Africa as a whole. The services are free including feeding patients and I must congratulate for this. Stick to fistula and child birth," the Soroti district chairperson, George Michael Egunyu stressed. TERREWODE welcomes this debate and looks forward to exploring the options.

Front of administration building

The building on right is the canteen, with the kitchen.


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